Get Involved

Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge needs your support.  There is a donation button on the front page!  If you would like to donate, just click the donation button at the top of the page or you can mail your donation to:  Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge
17293 CR 617
Farmersville, TX  75442
Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge is a 501c3 Nonprofit.
All charitable contributions of money or property are tax deductible.  Please consider supporting Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge.

Attend our Events throughout the year

Throughout the year, we will be hosting a wide variety of fundraising events for you to participate in and enjoy.  Please be checking the event page to know what is coming next.

Whether for a fundraisers, hosted events for the Native American Community, or just general upkeep; we would love your help.   Send us an email.

  We are accepting coats, blankets, canned goods now and throughout the year.
All donations will be sent to Native American reservations that are in need of these items.  We will keep you posted on when we send and to where we send the items.  All donations are tax deductible.  Thank you for your support! 

Previously:  Our coat/blanket drive was a huge success!  A huge thank you to Christ Fellowship, Stonebriar Community Church, the Native American club at UTA, and many many others.  All the coats/blankets were delivered to reservations in Montana this last January 2015.  Thank you to all that donated. We will be hosting another drive each year.

 Also you can help support us whenever you shop online at Amazon by choosing Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge as the charity of your choice.  Here is a link you may use :