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PANTHERS CREEK CAMP AND LODGE IS NOW A 501C3 NON-PROFIT!  All donations, monetary or items, are tax deductible.  An idea - before you have that garage sale, consider donating items to Panthers Creek and receive a receipt of fair value to claim on your taxes.  When you give, you not only help the camp but also become allies with the Native American community, as we help those that cannot help themselves, especially on the Native American reservations.   Your donations are needed.  And you will be given a receipt for tax purposes.  Thank you for supporting a local non-profit dedicated in providing a camp for the inner-city Native American kids and enabling Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge to distribute coats, clothing, food, and other necessities to the Native American community here in northeast Texas and beyond.  Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge hopes to build self-esteem, knowledge and hope.

Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge will be starting a coat drive this September thru November.  We will ship the coats to Native American reservations that are in desperate need for coats.  We will be posting and emailing updates and coats received periodically.  Also we would like to see who would be interested in joining us in a food drive this November for those in need?  Please let us know if you are interested.  More details later.  Other programs will be updated on our website  Plan to give and be involved with Panthers Creek in reaching out to those less fortunate then ourselves.  

Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge plans on hosting numerous camps for the inner-city Native American kids.  For those of you that would like to help us in providing the camp & supplies for them and for the continuation of coat, food, toys distribution, consider becoming a Panthers Creek Member by donating monthly.  With your donation of $50 or more we will send you a Panthers Creek t-shirt.  When you become a member with your monthly recurring donation, your name will be on the Member wall on our website plus at the lodge, will receive exclusive Members only appreciation events held at  Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge, and exclusive seasonal benefits, such as organic garden produce, pecans, grass feed beefalo, farm eggs, AND use of the property for your special party or event once per year.  And you will be the first to hear of upcoming events.     See next page for your giving opportunities.

(past events) Up Coming Event:  Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge Annual Benefit Rendezvous & Chili Cook-Off will be on Saturday, October 18th.  There will be competitions for cash prizes for the adults in chili, pie, bread making,  pie throwing, throwing tomahawks, re-curve bow, and invitation only muzzle loading black powder contests.  For the kids there will be kid bow contests, sack races, balloon popping, egg balancing, and more.  Little toys, trinkets, and other items will be given to winners.  The winner will be able to pick any item they want.   Come out and enjoy all the activities including the food, face painting,  balloons, live music, and all the vendors!  Announcements will be made throughout the day to let everyone know what is happening next.  And all winners of the adult competitions will be announced at the end of each contest.  So if you know how to make yummy chili, delicious pie, and/or awesome bread/rolls; or can aim well with your tomahawk, bow, and/or black powder -  plan on being here!  If you want to participate in the black powder shoot, you will need to contact Bill Tuggle at 972-837-8336 to see how you can be on the invitation only list.   

Also mark your calendar for Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge Benefit Christmas Concert December 6th. 

Yes, I want to stand with you in providing a safe place to camp and in supplying aid to those in need, especially on the reservations. 

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Email  ________________________________________________________________________

Facebook  _____________________________________________________________________

I have enclosed:  [_]  $10  [_]  $20  [_]  $50  [_]  $100  [_]  other $_________

Yes, I want to become a Panthers Creek Member with my recurring monthly donation  [_]  $50 or more

[_]  Check Enclosed (Please make check payable to Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge)

[_]  I have sent my gift online at

[_]  Credit Card:    [_] Visa    [_] MasterCard   

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All first time donations of $50 or more will receive a t-shirt, please specify what size: 

[_]  small  [_] medium  [_]  large  [_]  extra large  [_]  2X  [_]  3X  [_]

                     Send to:   Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge Inc.
                                                       17293 CR 617
                                                                       Farmersville, TX  75442


(previous newsletter)

We are now a 501c3 Nonprofit

 Greetings from Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge 
Spring 2014 Newsletter

This Memorial Day Weekend on Saturday the 24th, there will be a Panthers Creek Memorial Powwow for the first time at Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge!  For those that would like to come camp out that Friday and/or Saturday night, let us know and bring your camping gear.  There will be a Saturday morning and a Sunday morning church service under the trees.  The Powwow will start at 2pm and end at 9pm.  Vendors can contact Panthers Creek if interested.  More details regarding the Powwow are on the Facebook page and on the website  As always, this will be a family friendly environment.  Plan to attend this event!

The Celebrate Summer Event is scheduled to be held on Sat., June 21st.  It will be a fun filled afternoon.  Food, vendors, refreshing beverages, music, and games.   Hope to have a live band(s) playing on our outdoor stage.   Again, more details will be posted on the Facebook page and  

Panthers Creek is planning on a rendezvous and chili cook off October 18th.  There will be an enter fee for the muzzleloader contest, for the long bow/re-curve contest, and for the chili cook off contest.  For the rendezvous part, muzzleloader and long bow/re-curve bow, it will be invitation only.  There will be target practice at Panthers Creek at different dates for those that would like to sharpen their skills before the October event.  Those dates will be posted on Facebook and the website.    There will be a cash prize for first, second and third places.  So if you want to compete in any of those you will need to contact us at Panthers Creek to be added to the invitation list.   There will be cash prizes for all winners.  The chili cook off is open to the public.  Come and enter your best chili!  There will be first, second, and third cash prizes for the chili cook off as well.    We will also have a throwing hawk contest for fun, no prize, just for fun. There will be other games, music on our outdoor stage, blacksmith demonstrations, wool spinning demonstrations, raffles, and more.   As always, we hope to have a variety of vendors on hand.   

And Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge will also be holding a fabulous Christmas Concert Event December 6th.  Of course, weather permitting.  For back up, we may move the date.  We are hoping to have several bands scheduled to play on our stage.  Once we have the bands chosen, we will post on our Facebook page and  

LIKE Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge Facebook page to keep up with all the events, activities, camps, and all the exciting things happening out here!

As the Spring brings on the beautiful foliage and flowers, we will be adding more pictures to our Facebook page.  We would like to encourage all to come enjoy the grounds with your special occasion(s).  Contact us now and book a date.

On another note, Panthers Creek would love to have you donate any coats, blankets, clothing, etc.   If you do a Spring cleaning, keep us in mind before you throw out anything or have that garage sale.   J  Let us know, and if you are in the Dallas/Ft Worth area,  we will come pick up the items.  We will be gathering items year round and ship to reservations.  This Fall we will be doing a big coat drive as well.  The coats we sent this past winter to South Dakota at a northeast reservation, were so needed.  Thank you so much for those of you that gave a coat(s) for that drive!  Because of your kindness, many received coats.  Many more went without, so that is why we will continue collecting these items throughout the year.  

We are currently scheduling camps for the inner city Native American youths.  We will post the camp happenings on our website.  We need sponsors for these camps, from churches and/or individuals.  Need to cover costs, such as:  gas for transportation, food, camp gear, restrooms, ground upkeep, fishing gear and water.  Please consider being a sponsor for a camp.  Let your church know too!

If anyone would like to be a volunteer for any/all of the events, let us know via email:  

If anyone would like to sell your product/service and vend or are interested in bringing music to our stage at one/all of our events, let us know via email: 

If anyone would like to donate money, you can via using the donate button or send a check made out to Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge, mail to:  Panthers Creek Camp and Lodge, 17293 CR 617, Farmersville, TX 75442.   (Money is needed for upkeep, electricity, water, and helps us help those in need.)  We are now a 501c3 Nonprofit!

If you would like to receive our newsletter via email instead of mail, just email us at 
Have A Blessed Day!